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Using purchased virtual user days requires you to have LoadRunner version 12.00 or greater installed and configured.

Select number of virtual user days (VUDs)

Virtual user days represent the number of users that can be used to test load on your application or website in a 24 hour period.

Virtual User Days

Virtual user days have a tier pricing structure.

  • {{ pack.minVal |number}} - {{ pack.maxVal |number}} VUDs
    {{ pack.price | currency:"$" }}/VUD
Package summary
  • Virtual user days
  • {{ total | currency:"$" }}
  • {{ userInputPack }} virtual user day @ {{ selectedPrice | currency:"$" }} each
{{ total | currency:"$" }}
Total (Excluding taxes)

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to use all the Virtual User Days in a single load test?

No, you can use Virtual User days in several load tests during the same day (in this case they are counted only once), or spread over several days (in this case the amount used each day is deducted from your Virtual User Days balance).

If I purchase new Virtual User Days will the old ones still be usable?

Virtual User Days do not expire, new Virtual User Days will be added to the existing amount.

Which protocols can be run with Virtual User Days?

Virtual User Days are valid for all protocols except DCOM/COM, GUI and Templates.

If I buy Virtual User Days what happens to the Community license?

Virtual User Days will be added to the Community license. Virtual User Days will only be used when the requirements of your test exceed the Community license, and you will be notified that using Virtual User Days is required to execute the test.

What is the process to install a Virtual User Days license?

Once you purchased VUDs you will get a new license "key" which needs to be added to the existing Community License or VUDs using the LoadRunner License Utility.

Can I split my Virtual User Days license on multiple Controllers?

No, Virtual User Days licenses are host id based, therefore they will only work on the specific machine they were generated for.

Does the Virtual User Days expire?

Unused VUDs expire 1 year from the date of purchase.

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